Harder Edge, a survey show of recent geometric abstraction from international artists. 

Featuring 12 artists in various stages of their career, Harder Edge is a dynamic exploration of modern abtraction from the 1950's to today. 

Within this multi-generational group show, curator Dominic Beattie has selected artists that create visual links between his own practice and theirs. Specifically, Beattie highlights how all the artists are linked through their exploration of line, geometry and colour. 

Harder Edge features the following 11 artists:

Felix Baudenbacher | Instagram

Dominic Beattie | Instagram | Website 

Olly Fathers | Instagram | Website

James Alec Hardy | Instagram | Website

Stephen Jaques | Website 

Tess Jaray | Website 

Caroline Kryzecki | Instagram | Website

Kate Matthews | Instagram | Website

Stephen Lewis | Website

Selma Parlour | Instagram | Website

Charley Peters | Instagram | Website

Alice Wilson | Website

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