In 2018 I started recording video landscapes in Ultra High Definition video for an ambitious long term project called "Wild Bau : Bau Wild". The title comes from a German phrase which translates into English as; "of wild construction" or "made outdoors (in the wild)". This seemed to be an accurate description for the material I am creating and a good way of referring to it as a body of work.

Since then I have been continuously surveying the green spaces of inner London urban areas, using video to document and reclaim the spaces for my own reworking; these landscapes have come to form a series of video meditations.

During the global pandemic in 2020 I have been capturing these public spaces with a deep sense of kenopsis. The stillness has been replaced by birdsong and a huge reduction in plane traffic which has radically reduced the background noise.

I have been regularly capturing these locations throughout the year and want to share them ahead of the seasonal shifts.

Working in my studio during the week, I create abstract video and audio compositions, which are combined with these video meditations.

All of the material that you will experience here are derived IRL and digitised through videography. With old CRT monitors these videos will be considered for elements of my future installation works that will be shown in physical exhibitions.

Wild Bau 2020 002

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