Wild Bau / Bau Wild


In 2019 I started an ambitious long term project entitled "Wild Bau / Bau Wild" which involves surveying the landscapes from inner London urban areas and greenspaces.

I am creating abstracted natural environments and mixing analogue feedback into the video scenes. Through the process "public" and "private" spaces are recaptured and reworked, and will become part of the physical installation-based parts of this project.

My art practice consists of a mixture of analogue studio production and external location filming. The next phase of the project is seeking permission and support to survey the English heritage through countryside, and national parks by filming on location.

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It is essentially an effort to reclaim natural spaces, and experience sovereignty of existence, rather than see land and space as a capitalistic commodity. 

The other central purpose is to regain a sense of cultural and national identity by positively promoting the "Greening of England" as a high-valued export, and something to share.

Growing up in the countryside, I realise what a luxurious suite of senses I have been blessed with, in comparison to the city born- some who have never seen livestock at close quarters.

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The opening prelude part 0, manifested as an installation specially featured at the Mdina Biennale, Malta in March 2020.

The video and audio elements were installed deep underground in the crypts of the cathedral museum in the Mdina metropolitan quarter.

It featured elements which together formed a deeply immersive and engaging experience; A holographic LED fan, a smoke machine, dual HD projectors and a 5 channel audio sound track together within the cave-like space.

Unfortunately the museum was ordered to be closed before the official opening event due to Covid-19, and the biennale team decided to launch it online which can be viewed here with an overview video piece here


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The 20th century cultural model has been killed by Big Tech and now we take on the 21st century. The world has changed and along with it the ability to become part of collaborative creative projects has never been easier, or more crucial to help sustain the arts.


I have been looking at ways to diversify my art practice and make my video art accessible at home, finding that the Patreon platform is well suited to my creative output and workflow.

I invite you to join the next generation of art collectors by becoming a patron and investing directly into the creative process.

Your monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to my current art work as well as private links to my video archive of experimental material and performances.



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